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Bio Break update!

Just finished a round of necessary housekeeping around here at Bio Break, and I’d like to point you to a few things:

  • The MMO Timeline page has had quite a few updates over the past couple weeks, so give it a once-over and let me know if it’s missing something!
  • Updated the Syp’s Army page
  • I try to update “Syp’s Vices” over on the right-hand side there every couple of weeks or so — it’s now up to date!
  • I did a huge blogroll pass and removed some links that either went to defunct blogs, blogs that haven’t been updated in over a month, or blogs that have shifted their focus from MMOs.  If I’m missing your (currently active) MMO blog, let me know — I’d love to get you on the list!

8 thoughts on “Bio Break update!

  1. In a shameless fit of self-promotion, I’d like point you in the direction of my blog……. still active and just turned 1-year-old last week 😉

    Been waiting ages to see myself appear on your hallowed role….


  2. I have one of those MMO blog thingies that’s been going for a few years now, I’d be quite happy to be listed here. Most folks that link it list it as “Yeebo” instead of going with my intentionally (and I hope absurdly) bombastic title.

  3. hi hi – my (learner) blog raidsandthings has been changed to Avatars of Steel because I play more casually and do more solo stuff nowadays – I thought I might make an effort to get some readers this time around 🙂 it would be lovely if you added me. Currently playing EQ2 (first timer, everything is shiny!), WoW (old raiders nevah die) and…Wurm!

  4. If you’re still adding blogs to the blogroll, my own one (Tremayne’s Law) is active, at least at the moment:) You’re more than welcome to join the party as my fifth or sixth reader…

  5. My blog is about retro mmorpgs I play, mostly Everquest 2, DDO and Wow. My vid card needs some updating so I don’t play RIFT or more graphically advanced games….yet. This is in response to blogroll additions and deletions.

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