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April Fool’s MMO Roundup

I love April Fool’s Day, as studios amuse me to no end as they come up with ways to tweak us.  Here’s a roundup of the ones I found:

I’m updating these as I find them!

7 thoughts on “April Fool’s MMO Roundup

  1. I can’t help but really want to play a dragon vs warplanes game after seeing that trailer.

  2. I’d be tempted to spend some of my gaming time in City of Heroes once again if they actually did add a Clown summoning power set for masterminds. Clowns are scary 🙂

  3. I love it when games have April fools stuff. I managed to pop into EQ2 to work on the event quests for the holiday. Haven’t checked many of those sites, will have to go down your list and check them out.

  4. It’s 2/4 here now so I’d kind of moved on from thinking about April Fools. And now I do kinda wanna play Bilbo…:(

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