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New bloggers, we want you: Announcing the Newbie Blogger Initiative!

Are you a fan of MMO blogs, read them voraciously, and even comment on them from time to time?  Do you look at the glamorous life of bloggers and wistfully imagine what it might be like?  Have you ever entertained the notion of starting a blog of your own, but for whatever reason you talked yourself out of it?

All of that above?  That was me prior to 2008.  That was Syp before he worked up the nerve to start a blog of his own.  And if that’s you right now, we want it to change.

May 2012 will be a huge month in the blogosphere, because it’s the month of the Newbie Blogger Initiative — and you can be a big part of it!  The goal of the NBI is simple: To get prospective writers to come out of the woodwork and try their hand at an MMO blog of their own.  We all know how hard it is to get started, which is why over 60 MMO bloggers have banded together to give  you a HUGE measure of encouragement, advice, and initial traffic.

In other words, if you’ve ever thought about starting a blog, you’re never going to get an offer better than this (I promise!).

So here’s how the Newbie Blogger Initiative works.  Over the past few weeks, we’ve assembled scores of established bloggers who have agreed to be “sponsor blogs” for the duration of the month.  All of these bloggers are not only promoting the NBI on their own blogs, but have agreed to write at least one article dispensing advice that they’ve learned about blogging and another article in which they’re going to link to all of the new blogs started up this month.  We also have a Q&A forum set up to assist with specific matters.

New bloggers only have to decide to do it, create a blog, start posting, and then register over at the Newbie Blogger Initiative H.Q.  From there, you’ll be getting all sorts of support and cheering from those of us eager to see new, vibrant voices added to the field.  You can see this month as a trial of sorts, to give blogging a shot and see if it sticks.  Your blog can be specific to one MMO or (as with this blog) cover MMOs in general.  It could be a web comic, a style guide to in-game outfits, a humor column, or any other idea you think of.

Back in 2009 we did a similar event to the NBI (with far fewer sponsor blogs), and it was a big hit in the community.  Out of that event came many blogs that have been going strong ever since.  Your blog could have the same story.

So if you’re interested, check out the NBI forums, read the “Read this first” and “Newbie blog instructions” posts, and then get to it!  Don’t forget to sign up your blog on the forum once you get it going!

In advance, I’d like to welcome you to the blogosphere — we can’t wait to get to know you!

And if you’re a current MMO blogger and would like to become a sponsor, go to the forums and sign up as one — we’d love to have you!

NBI Sponsor Blogs: Games and Geekery, The Wild Boar Inn, MMO Fallout, Tastes Like Battle Chicken, Grimnir’s Grudge, Roll One Hundred, Dragonchasers, Ardwulf’s Lair, Inventory Full, Jaded Alt, Ark’s Ark, Tremayne’s Law, Blog de la Burro, Just One MMOre, DocHoliday’s MMO Saloon, High Latency Life, MMO Gamer Chick, Skycandy,, Hunter’s Insight, Life is a Mind Bending Puzzle, Berath’s Brain Burps, Epic Slant, Bullet Points, Professor Beej, Journeys with Jaye, Screaming Monkeys, Welcome to Spinksville, Vicarious Existence, Casual is as Casual Does, Star Shadow, I Have Touched The Sky, The Ancient Gaming Noob, Just One More Unlock, A Ding World, Yeebo Fernbottom’s MMO Love In, Stropp’s World, Kill Ten Rats, The Jedi Gambit, Beau Hindman, Blue Kae, Gankalicious, Live Like a Nerd, Casual Stroll to Mordor, Tish Tosh Tesh, Casting a Shaddoe, A Green Mushroom, ALT:ernative, Parallel Context, ETCmmo, Avatars of Steel, Tales of the Aggronaut, West Karana, Contains Moderate Peril, The Stories of O, Levelcapped, LOTRO Fashion, Mr. Meh’s Supplication, Malchome’s Mind/Restokin, Nerdy Bookahs, T.R. Red Skies, Wadstomp, Scary Worlds, MMO Compendium, Shards of Imagination, Ardent Defender, Blog of the Vagabond, Creep the Prophet, Gamer BC, Gamer LadyP, Psychochild, Tiger Ears, Mana Obscura, Sheep the Diamond, World of Matticus,

70 thoughts on “New bloggers, we want you: Announcing the Newbie Blogger Initiative!

  1. Oh wow, was toying with the idea of starting up a personal MMO blog ^^ this might just be the kick i need to get my arse in gear xD

  2. I’m hoping to post a few articles throughout the month – hopefully one or two folks out there will find some of my experiences and ideas useful and we will all have more great blogs to read 🙂

  3. Thanks again for kicking this in gear, Syp. My MMO gaming blog officially goes live today! I can’t see this being anything but a success. And hopefully next time around, I’ll be on the sponsoring end of things instead of the Newbie end of things. 🙂

  4. Brilliant idea! I think it’s really nice that there’s caring and encouraging bloggers out there. Already got a blog but maybe I will take a look at the forum and stuff anyway 🙂 Cheers!

  5. Can I just add that it’s not just MMO’s you can blog about. Games of all kinds, or (as I tend to do) you can ramble about anything really. Just Do It! (sorry Nike)

  6. Some of those links to the participating blogs pull up 404s Syp – looks like you’ve doubled up on some of the urls when you c’n’ped them.

  7. Thanks for the heads up! I’ve been looking to start a blog for a while now but I needed a bit of a push… I’ll definitely be checking it out.:)

  8. @Unsub – I see what happened… some of the links lacked an HTTP:// prefix, so they futzed. Fixed! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  9. Heh, I fall into a category where I am not experienced enough to volunteer as a sponsor, and I am a bit too established in my own gaming community to claim to be a newbie. I wish all that create new blogs luck, and must say this is a wonderful thing. Perhaps in some future year I will have something to offer as a sponsor.

  10. Very happy to be on board. I’ve never edited a post of my own as much as I have in the last hour. I think I just apologized to Stargrace for borrowing the link list without asking when it was probably Syp’s creation in the first place, too. I might as well jsut issue a general apology right now for any other misinformation I may promulgate during May!

  11. Thanks for the idea. I decided to take the dust off my old blog, and give this a try. I think I’ll try to use my blog to post comments about some interesting topics others bring up, to see if this makes me write more often. I can write a lot when commenting on blogs/forums, but sometimes it’s hard to come up with original topics to discuss.

  12. This is a great idea! I’ve recently started a blog about Diablo 3 with a friend of mine, and will definitely keep following this development. I’ve gone back to reading some blogs that I used to visit when playing WoW before, and feel almost irresistible urge to take up EVE since the stories about the game are simply epic.

  13. Did NBI disband or close down? What happened? I’m a new blogger looking for some insight, have quite a few questions.

  14. NBI was a one-month event, although there are plenty of resources and helpful bloggers out there to give you a hand. Check out the NBI category on Bio Break (right-hand side) for a list of posts with links to advice posts.

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