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EverQuest Next + Jeremy Soule = Geek Delight

Lots of big news coming out of SOE Live, but of course everyone’s eyes are on EverQuest Next.  For us music fans, it was a huge surprise to hear that SOE got Jeremy Soule (Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2) to score the game.  And here it is, the EQN main theme:

It’s definitely Soule, definitely EQ, and really dang pretty.  It’s magical and a little sad, but gets a thumbs up from me.

10 thoughts on “EverQuest Next + Jeremy Soule = Geek Delight

  1. That was amazing, as you say, definitely Soule. Could pick out elements of his past works ranging from Guild Wars (most heavily) to the subtle tones of Morrowind.

    Very nice.

  2. I guess that’s why Soule is no longer scoring things for GW2. It worked though, EQ Next on my radar immediately just went from “listen to other bloggers talk about it” to “I gotta play this at some point just to hear Soule’s music.”

  3. This was terrible (where was the main EQ theme in this mess?), and I hate Jeremy Soule’s music. He’s overrated and I get so sick of hearing his crap in every game.

  4. I have to semi agree with GV – Where is the main EQ theme in this? While the tune is beautiful, it isn’t Everquest. The original EQ1 music still gives me chills whenever I hear it, and makes me want to drag out my rogue and magician and tear through the landscape. This piece had no feeling of Norrath at all.

  5. I agree with GV and Mattexi, you can like the music or not (it didn’t captivate me on the first hearing, at least, too… aimless?) BUT: it’s not Everquest. It’s just some piece of music. Everquest Next’s title theme should be a variation of the Everquest theme. It worked very well for II.

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