Marvel Heroes: The sound of my DOOM! *toot*

doom1I’ve returned to Doctor Doom for my leveling focus in Marvel Heroes, and I couldn’t be more pleased. He might be way overplayed these days, but who cares? He’s a hoot of a personality and has tons of fun skills. I can see why he earned the prestige of being the second anniversary hero release.

After some initial reservations about it, I did pick up his God Emperor costume. This outfit fortunately looks a lot better in-game than it does on the costume screen and is way better than his other two ensembles. I really like the detail on his armor and how there’s less robe in the front.

With Doom using Pirate Deadpool as a sidekick, the quotes are coming from the two fast and furious. Doom is so over-the-top pompous that he’s quickly endearing himself to me as a favorite villain (I never really read the Fantastic Four comics, and the less said about the movies to date, the better). He’s constantly insulting heroes running by him, although I know that he and Squirrel Girl have a bit of a rivalry. I hope they’re both OK with me playing them. And Pirate Deadpool? He keeps cracking me up, especially when he spouted out a Simpsons quote.

What I really like about playing Doom as a summoner is that he’s as straight-forward as can be. Hit button, summon doombot/giant robot/small army. Let them do the dirty work while running around shooting off missiles and picking up goodies. That’s all I really want in life.

I’m going to fast-track him to 60 with the next Midtown Monday. He’s low on the gear side right now (although he’s just level 39). I haven’t researched what gear he’ll need to be a halfway decent endgame summoner, although I do have a few pieces stashed away that he’ll use. And I get a kick out of his uniques’ flavor text, such as this one for a sea horn:


Blaugust #1. All rights reserved for DOOM.


One thought on “Marvel Heroes: The sound of my DOOM! *toot*

  1. C. T. Murphy August 1, 2015 / 9:05 pm

    I always liked Doctor Doom. I like any villain with his own country, actually.

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