DDO: Kobold throwdown

Time for another trio of Dungeons and Dragons Online quests in the Harbor. Let me start out by saying that I think DDO kind of shoots itself in the foot with many of the Harbor quest settings. There are just too many generic warehouses and sewers with a uniformly blah color scheme, and this does the game a disservice. You think that DDO would want to front-load beautiful, exotic, and exciting settings, but nah, here’s another river of drab olive sludge to climb through. Good thing it’s still pretty fun.

I’m pretty sure that I do not play DDO in the proper way, because my Gnome keeps running-and-gunning like she’s in Quake or something. It’s remarkably relaxing and fun to do this, just pew pew pew all over the place and watch things die. My robot dog rarely gets to kill things, that’s how fast I’m slaughtering the population. Probably should just run dungeons on elite from now on.

I did like the second quest a lot, which had me barge into a casino and wreck the place up. Seriously, that was pretty much the whole quest: destroy gaming tables and beat up a few guards. It was all over in about a minute and a half, including the secret boss that the mission objectives didn’t tell me about (I love secrets!).

Small video game guilty pleasure: taking my picture in a mirror whenever a video game actually bothers to reflect the room.

The last quest was a doozy — and absolutely a high point of my gaming week. I was tasked with protecting some large crate for the Coin Lords in a warehouse while swarms of kobolds came at it from all sides. And I do mean SWARMS. I must have killed about a hundred or so within the five minutes that the quest timer allocated, and it was a nail-biting experience all of the way.

I got a kick out of the fact that I got to squash kobolds. Poor kobolds, the fantasy equivalent of stormtroopers. Nobody respects them and they’re just there to die in large numbers while being oddly endearing. I love the little quotes that these critters occasionally said as they rushed forward to their doom.

As I said, this quest was a frantic, down-to-the-last-second fight… and I died. I died and I won. I’m not even joking; the counter clicked down to zero as I was fending off about 15 kobolds at once, and a nasty string of stuns and my dog dying (which causes me to lose about 20 or so hit points) finished me off. Yet the mission successfully completed even as I crumpled to the floor, so I didn’t mind so much. I’ll reap the rewards in the next life.

3 thoughts on “DDO: Kobold throwdown

  1. Make sure you run Crystal Cove event when it comes back so you can get some karma back by helping Kobolds. I always like to run explorer areas for refreshing change sniff some flowers and get some exploring done. http://m.ddowiki.com/page/Wilderness_Adventure_Area
    Three Barrel is a favourite of mine and I run it both low level and the Epic version as much as possible. Glad you caught the final statements on the mobs there are some real gems throughout the game. One of the little details that endears the game to me.

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