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DDO: Korthos, again

Wait, isn’t Syp in the middle of Ravenholt in DDO? Aren’t there vampires and werewolves scratching at the doors? Then why, for the love of every side of the dice, is he standing back in Korthos harbor?

The answer is pretty easy: I started up a new alt to run with an occasional static group. In fact, it’s my old, old guild, Onedawesome, and all of them were kind enough to create level 4s with me to run similar content. I don’t think that too many arms were twisted in this, as everyone had some fun with trying out different classes and races.

As for myself, I went with a Human Druid, which I almost instantly fell in love with. I guess I overlooked this class early on, because if I knew that there was a summoning class that also couls shapeshift and throw out healing and damage spells, then I’d be all over that. And I am! She vaguely looks Drowish, but the ears are quite rounded indeed.

Oh Turbine, I am so disappointed that I wasn’t able to shoot down the seagulls with a bow. This could have been the greatest development since Duck Hunt, but no, I guess they’re just for show.

I guess the thinking is that even with level 4s, we still want to go through all of the missions, so the whole group sailed back to Korthos to try to run through as many quests as we could in an hour. I actually found the change of scenery refreshing, mostly because Ravenholt is so dark and oppressive (in a good way, mind you), and I kind of missed the sun.

Plus, everything is SUPER easy at the start. I really, really miss quests that were like two rooms and could be over faster than a coughing fit. Nowadays, all of my quests are “long,” “very long,” or “you’ll never see your kids again long.”

The quests being both extremely familiar and easy, there wasn’t much in the way of surprises or challenge. What most of us were interested was the loot — especially since our characters were mostly sporting starter gear. I didn’t get anything that spectacular, but I have equipped a little more in the way of defense.

We also spent some time running around the Korthos wilderness area, hunting rares and doing slayer stuff. I have to say that one of the advantages of a group, especially an experience group, is that it takes a lot of the stress out of having to figure stuff out. Sometimes it’s just so relaxing to follow.

Really liked the shadows in this room. Looks downright modern and stylish, even.

My official role in the group is healer, but since nobody got hurt, I just fiddled about with summons and spells most of the time. I miss my repeating crossbow, yes, but I like the idea of experimenting more with spells and looking for utility.

I don’t think that this group will meet every week, but it’s going to be moving forward from what I hear. Doing DDO with a dedicated group is something that I’ve wanted almost ever since returning, so I am extremely happy at this development.

8 thoughts on “DDO: Korthos, again

  1. Always fun to start a new character. I have to admit I usually use my veteran status and start level 7. I always have my character slots maxed these days and can participate in most levels above 5 and below 28. Lately me and a buddy are playing level 15 Aasimar Zen Archer Monk and Favoured Soul Ranger. Was not impressed at first with the idea of Aasimar but we have been converted for now.

  2. I was looking for a static group in DDO for a long time but didn’t find one when I had my old Warforged. By the way I thought Turbine was no longer developing the game, didn’t they sell DDO to another game company??

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