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Touching base with my most-wanted MMOs

One of the main reasons that I’ve set up a list of Twitter links on the right side of this blog is so I can quickly check in with in-development MMO projects that I may forget about otherwise. And since I was doing that already today, I thought I might share a few comments on what’s going on with the games that I want to play the most.

At the top of the list, Palia kind of bummed me out with an amazing initial announcement followed by a summer of relatively low communication and a pre-alpha that virtually nobody was invited to play. The pre-alpha is over, and it sounds like there’s another test coming up with an expanded testing pool. While I usually don’t go for betas and such, I really would like to check this out for curiosity’s sake.

I’m both worried and excited about Corepunk. I like a whole lot of what I’m seeing, but the team isn’t talking enough about the project and it’s delayed its beta until December. Hopefully then, I can take a look at it. I need to know if this is something to actually anticipate or if I should write off my excitement now.

Let’s see… Ship of Heroes. Yeah, that’s on the list. Still rooting for the best, but after playing it earlier this summer, I can see that it still has a ways to go.

Ashes of Creation’s doing its Alpha 1 stuff, and that tells me that we’re still in for a long wait. Don’t get me wrong, when this comes out I’m there on Day One. But I don’t feel the urge to check in with it that much. I kind of feel the same way about Project Gorgon and Pantheon these days as well. Launch, and then we’ll talk.

Book of Travels is doing the early access thing “soon,” which I’ll check out. Into the Echo is starting a pre-alpha soonish, too. I just want to hear more about that game instead of playing it right now.

I am keen on following Monsters & Memories, because I like the tone and the approach that this indie team of ex-EverQuest devs are using. Could be a sleeper surprise?

It’s a mixed bag of big and small titles, but those are the ones (outside of New World and existing MMOs) that really have my attention. What about you?

6 thoughts on “Touching base with my most-wanted MMOs

  1. I have a private Discord channel, and I subscribe it to the general announcements channels for the MMOs I follow. It’s similar, but it’s push — the announcements are fed straight to me.

    Discord enforces a limit of ten of these per channel, so I occasionally cull the ones I no longer care about.

    Palia is one of them, then DCUO, Stellazzio Virtual Theater, Valheim, GW2, Project Gorgon, Into the Echo, and The Rogue Encampment, a Diablo II discord. Ship of Heroes, I follow on e-mail. I have other discords for fringe stuff like EQOA (for which I have another article coming), Little Orbit, several FFXIV FCs…

    Discord, for me, is the new “Keeping an Eye On”…

  2. I joined the Monsters and Memories discord and it was busy enough that I had to mute it, which is a good sign. I used to work with Shawn Lord at KingsIsle, so I have fond memories and a lot of best wishes for this project he’s involved in to succeed. (btw . . . third time trying to post this comment — either Gravatar doesn’t like me or I’m just spamming this post now sorry.)

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