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SWTOR: You won’t leave Copero alive!

It’s kind of very relieving to have a character in SWTOR that’s past the Eternal Throne expansions, because this marks the point where BioWare realized that its “let’s turn this MMORPG into a single-player game” experiment didn’t really pay off over the long haul. But as a commenter noted, Iokath — and its trio of associated flashpoints — kind of has a foot in one era and one in another and feels scattered for it.

Oh, it has terrific setpieces, don’t get me wrong. I loved the train flashpoint. Always like MMOs that do at least one dungeon on a train (lookin’ at you, Secret World and World of Warcraft).

And it was a whole bunch of eye candy. I’ve read numerous comments about how dated the earlier planets look in comparison to the later ones. I haven’t really felt that way, but I’ve heard that BioWare is working on bringing the older zones up to par at some point.

My oldest son absolutely loves to sit with me when I play SWTOR, and we have a lot of conversations and observations about what’s happening during these adventures. The Copero flashpoint proved to be unintentionally funny to the two of us. Oh, it’s gorgeous and a lot of fun to go through, but every other mob kept shouting “You won’t leave Copero alive!” That kind of made me think that maybe there’s a lot of corpse exporting going on.

Soon enough, Iokath was over and it was time to put boots on the ground in Ossus. A normal planet! And one that I can approach without all of this Eternal Alliance nonsense. So glad that the writers cast that off, blew up everything, and let us move past it.

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