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LOTRO: War of the Three Peaks, we meet again — but this time I have the advantage

The last time I was in LOTRO’s War of the Three Peaks, I got bogged down in content that felt a whole lot like trench warfare. This was pre-legendary item 3.0, and my Lore-master just couldn’t make progress without being trounced by too many mobs. That was about a year ago, and it was only this past week that I returned.

This time… this time I had the advantage. This time I was bringing my near-unstoppable Captain to the fray along with her much more powerful LI. It’s amazing how much that changed the situation. Instead of quests feeling like they were impossible slogs, now I was chewing through them at what felt like a normal rate. The only time I get taken down is when a group of mobs can throw particular debuffs on me that temporarily lower my health before I notice.

With those changes, I actually got through this DLC within two days’ worth of play sessions. I know that SSG billed this as a “mini-expansion,” but maybe it needed a few more “minis” in there, because this felt no longer or more substantial than your typical smallish zone pack. I liked the chewed-up landscape but felt like the story treading water before letting us into Gundabad proper. I guess back when it originally released, it was doing just that.

With that out of the way, the doors are open to Gundabad. Except! Except I don’t have it yet. And with Christmas expenses and all that, I actually don’t have the disposable cash to buy it at the moment.

So my plan for LOTRO in January is to fill it up with some other activities, such as:

  • Doing the Blood of Azog interlude
  • Working on deeds (my Captain’s virtues are only at half-strength)
  • Maybe doing some Bingo Boffin (haven’t done any of those quests on this toon)

And then come February 1st, I’ll buy Gundabad and get to adventuring there. I’m genuinely looking forward to it, but hey, it’ll still be there when I arrive.

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