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Rimworld Reborn Part 5: War and peace

Life continues somewhat peacefully for our little tropical colony. After a lengthy prison stay, Mansfield finally agrees to join up with the group, bringing the population to eight. At this point the colony’s biggest problem is cooking food fast enough to feed everyone! Soon after, another prisoner — Nian — becomes our 9th.

Let me tell you, I do not regret investing a lot of research into guns. Between everyone’s machine pistols and automated turrets, a raid of four pistol-toting cannibals were slaughtered without my colonists suffering a single scratch.

Meanwhile, I got a quest to attack a bandit camp. Putting my crew at harm’s way for your reading enjoyment, I selected for colonists to pack up as many potatoes and guns as possible and make the two-day trek over there.

It goes horribly, thank you for asking. All four of my raiding party get knocked out and captured. Everyone back at the base is majorly bummed at this development. The bandit camp disperses, and we don’t even have the option of going to rescue them. Dezi is the most devastated, as she lost her husband Mauci.


The only good news is that recovery was possible. Two recovered enemy raiders eventually came over to join the colony’s side, and — I am ashamed to admit — we kidnapped a guy who fell down in a transport and held him prisoner until Stockholm syndrome kicked in. When a guy named Lumpy (seriously) joins up, we’re back up to seven colonists. It’s not over yet!

Instead of fighting all the time, how about a stab at peace? We get the opportunity to engage in some peace talks with the Hider faction (who is miffed because of aforementioned kidnappings), and Nian does a great job helping to relieve some of the tensions.

It never rains but it pours! In the same evening, half of the colony’s potato crops are lost from the blight, a transport pod crashes with a survivor, and a tortoise goes mad and does a suicide run into my security turrets.

Oh noes! The local panther, fresh out of food, decides to stalk Negocan for a delicious meal. Garry, our latest recruit, freaks out and runs away at this. Everyone but the panther comes out of this all right — Nego gets a couple of cuts, nothing horrible — but a day later, I swear, ANOTHER panther starts stalking him again. Must have some sort of alliance pact among the animal folk.

The colony crosses a major threshold as enough research is done to build geothermal generators. Now, power issues will be a thing of the past with these beauties!

And then, just because she’s a pyromaniac, Lumpy starts a fire in the research room and gloats as everyone rushes in to put it out.

Here’s a Rimworld first for me — I made my own chicken coop! Breed, you crazy chickies! Lay all the eggs for daddy!

The biggest raid against the colony to date was handily defeated with minimal injuries. Even so, it wouldn’t be a horrible thing to research up to more powerful auto-turrets.

I get a quest to retrieve some items from a stash a couple of days away, and when my team gets there, they get ambushed… by bunnies. Killer rabbits, even. Thank you, Rimworld, for keeping it weird.

As year three for the colony winds down, Squint and Negocan finally tie the knot. Seems like a good place to end for this week!

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