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Fallout 76: The confluence of comedy and tragedy

On a wet, moldy day, my wastelander leaves her little shelter and heads back into the ruins of Charleston for some more questing and looting. Shotgun ammo is low — even with crafting — and so she switches over to a revolver for a while.

At level 25, my perk build is coming along. I’ve invested the most into Perception and Luck for various reasons, although my favorite perk remains the Lone Wanderer in Charisma.

I wrapped up the questline to become a full-fledged “Firebreather,” which included a trip down into the Belching Betty mine. This place is just as terrifying as the last time I came down here. Mines naturally make me feel claustrophobic, but add fire, rumbling, and smoke, and it feels like descending into hell. The good news is that, thanks to my lucky perk, pretty much every mob kept dropping shotgun ammo. I went from zero to 200 in no time.

Will I ever have a house as cool as the ones I keep bumping into? Probably not, but one can dream.

I love a good dose of black humor, and it doesn’t get blacker than Mr. Fluffy — a protectron who is tethered to the corpse of a responder. He’s none too pleased about it, either, and spends his time spitting out sarcastic quote after sarcastic quote.

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