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Fallout 76: Proof that the gnomes did it

Following Rosie’s raider questline, I’ve been pushed out into previously unexplored territory. This almost looks western, what with the rocks and alpines.

Shrinking the panoramic view probably doesn’t do this screenshot justice, but I loved the view from up here. And hey, a fire watchtower — those are always helpful to get some waypoints added to the map!

Some bad, bad stuff went down here. I don’t even want to know. Time to get out of here ASAP.

The combination of questing in more remote regions and hitting my 30s means that Fallout 76’s gotten a lot more dangerous. You’re never quite prepared for a hulking mutant bear to lunge out of a tent at night.

My high luck stat has come in useful so many times. Here, two super mutants lobbed some huge bombs at their feet. They blew themselves up real good — and I managed to avoid damage entirely.

Call me weird — or call Rose a great recruiter — but I’m strongly considering allying with the Raider faction rather than Settlers. It’s not normally what I’d go for, but I kind of dig their full embrace of the post-apocalyptic spirit.

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