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Shroud of the Avatar memorializes Massively

sotamassivelyStarr Long tweeted this in-game memorial in Shroud of the Avatar to mark Massively’s closure.  Very unexpected and touching.

6 thoughts on “Shroud of the Avatar memorializes Massively

  1. My sadness and gratitude aside? That game just needs some hefty anti-aliasing and it’ll actually look pretty nice. I was never sorry I backed it, but now even moreso.

  2. Holy tits I thought that was Warhammer. I was off in nostalgia-land remembering my awesome Warrior Priest for a good while.

    As for the Massively shutdown, I have had twitter since early 2009. I’ve basically never used it. I’m now following as many Massively (and some WoW Insider) writers as I can (on twitter), especially since the WI Managing-Editor is talking about a new site that’s going live Tuesday. Any chance some of your Massively blokes are going to be in on that action?

  3. Massively’s shutdown is a sad thing, i’m sorry about this. Thanks for what you did there. I hope you’ll land on your feet and maybe- hopefully- in the same team. Wish you all the best.

  4. Wow, that’s really cool of Garriot!
    They should also add a Bree and Justin ghosts. appearing at nights, eternally discussing progression and decay in MMOs!

  5. My sympathy goes to the people of massively who actually now are at a loss. At the same time i have to admit that i am not surprised it at some time had to end. While it had a few things i liked, mostly the Chaos Theory articles, much of it felt more like a “publisher news outlet” than actual information for me, so independent blogs just were a real winner.

    Still my comforts to those who are affected by this, but not much sympathy for the “memorial” in that game as for me it primarily feels like an “attention grab” (a more honest word for “PR move”).

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